How to Store Memory Cards

1-32GB-Micro-SD-Memory-Card-TF-Memory-Cards-for-MID-and-Mobile-PhonesAfter losing a memory card with the best pictures from a trip I took across the western USA, I decided to write a quick article on how to store memory cards and how not to lose photographs during long trips. It was a lesson learned the hard and painful way, so a couple of days after the loss, I came up with a plan to protect my data going forward and try not to lose it any more in the field. Below you will find my plan and my recommendations.

Losing images from a long-planned and expensive trip can be very painful. After it happens, you realize that it is not the financial aspect of it, but the effort you put into creating those images instead that hurts the most. We as photographers have to work with the best light during the day, which happens at sunrise and sunset times, no matter where you are located. In Glacier National Park, the sunset times in summer can be as late as 10 PM and as early as 5 AM in the morning. Northern Canada and Alaska

How to Buy Used DSLR Cameras

best-6-places-buy-used-camera-equipment-online.w654A while ago, I wrote an article giving tips on buying used lenses. In this follow-up on how to buy used DSLR cameras, I will try to give some advice on how to buy the other part of a photographer’s kit – the camera itself. You will see that many of the lens buying guidelines are also applicable here, so lets not waste any more time and get started!

Why Buy Used Cameras?

Just like with lenses, we don’t always need or can afford the latest and greatest. Certain cameras, such as the now discontinued Nikon D700 or the soon-to-be discontinued Canon 5D Mark II (B&H has it for $1699 brand spanking new, which is a steal), will hold a lot of appeal for at least a couple more years in the used market. Because of that, they make a great choice as entry FF models (I’m quite sure I will be using my D700 for a while even with the Nikon D600 and the D800 around) or even as backup cameras. There is an even larger market when it comes to entry-level DSLRs, such as

Mirrorless vs DSLR

Mirrorless-vs-DSLRDSLR cameras by design have some inherent flaws and limitations. Part of it has to do with the fact that SLR cameras were initially developed for film. When digital evolved, it was treated just like film and was housed in the same mechanical body. Aside from the circuitry required for a digital sensor and other electronics, new digital film media and the back LCD, the rest of the SLR components did not change. Same mechanical mirror, same pentaprism / optical viewfinder, same phase detection system for autofocus operation. While new technological advances eventually led to extending of features of these cameras (In-camera editing, HDR, GPS, WiFi, etc), DSLRs continued to stay bulky for a couple of reasons. First, the mirror inside DSLR cameras had to be the same in size as the digital sensor, taking up plenty of space. Second, the pentaprism that converts vertical rays to horizontal in the viewfinder also had to match the size of the mirror, making the top portion of DSLRs bulky.

Lastly, manufacturers wanted to keep existing lenses compatible with digital cameras, so that the transition from film to

PinkMirror’s Photo Editor

The pressure on taking perfect photos has grown thanks to the added importance placed on selfies and social media profile pictures. PinkMirror can make you as wonderful as you desire to be, by unleashing your true beauty. Our photo editor can tackle anything you need, whether it’s blemishes, acne, wrinkles or even stained teeth.

Effortlessly Reshape Your Face

You can adjust any facial issues with quick and easy steps. Is your chin too wide? We can narrow it. Are you showing your age? We can deal with that too. It’s time to take control of your photos to define your face, and make it just how you want it to be. You don’t need to be an editing expert, everything is at the tips of your fingers with PinkMirror’s software.

Reshaping Your Face With PinkMirror:

Chin: Define your chin’s shape with our chin lifting software. Your chin plays a significant role in defining your face, so it’s essential that you get it just right. Learn more about chin lifting:

Cheeks: Perhaps you’ve put weight on, or someone has photographed you at an unflattering angle? PinkMirror’s editor will solve that, ensuring that your cheeks and neck looks brilliant in your most important photos.

Nose: The nose can

Why baby photography is so special

Photography is much more than just “aim and shoot” as you see in the numerous advertisements of cameras. In fact, the words that are coined for advertising highlight only the start and stop features that is intended tell us how easy it is to take photographs.  But in order to capture photographs that display human emotions and feelings in its true perspective requires a lot of preparation, training and expertise that only professional photographers possess. The problems of capturing and displaying human emotions in the most candid manner through photographs are greatly compounded when taking photographs of babies. The tiny models that pose before the camera have to be made to understand how to pose and give that million dollar smile just when the shutter is clicked. And to make it work the way you want you have to look for the best Los Angeles baby photographer.

Touching the heart

It goes without saying that an aspiring photographer has to be familiar with the technicalities of using different cameras and photographic equipment and should be thoroughly conversant with various techniques of photography so that he or she is capable of bringing a whole new perspective to the photographs that are taken. This

Get yourself Clicked by Professional Photographers in Mumbai at Photophactory

photophactoryWeddings are undoubtedly the most special day for everyone and people keep in their mind the feel and class they want to give to their auspicious day. Photography is an important component since times as everyone feels to live the best moments again even after years. Pre -wedding photography is necessary as the days before the marriage are dear to both bride and groom and also to their respective families. It is a great way to know each other better before the marriage and make them feel comfortable. Pre wedding shoot to have is a great fun to give time in knowing your better half.  The pre wedding photoshoot includes all those pre wedding functions like engagement ceremony or the tilak ceremony etc. Pre wedding photography done by professional photographers in Mumbai at Photophactory will give the best experience ever and their PreWedding Photographers In Mumbai have their expertise in their field.

Professional photography nowadays seems to have an emerging trend as a part of career profession which was earlier seems to be as an interest or hobby. Starting your career as a professional

What To Do With Dust Inside Lens

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from our readers, is what to do with dust inside a lens and whether it is something to worry about. I decided to write an article on this subject, because lens dust and flecks are a very common issue not only for camera sensors, but also for lenses. When I first discovered dust inside my brand new lens that I only used for a couple of days, I was very disappointed and I remember how I started searching for a solution online in panic mode. If you are frustrated with a similar issue and do not know what to do, keep on reading.

1) How to Inspect Lens for Dust

So, how can you find out if you have dust inside your lens? Actually, let me rephrase this question – how can you find out how much dust you have inside your lens? Because even brand new lenses normally do have some foreign particles in between lens elements. A quick visual inspection of the lens front will often reveal large dust particles behind the first lens element, if there are any. Just make sure that the front is thoroughly cleaned beforehand and